About our company

Our joiner's trade company was established 20 years ago. Zu unseren Haupttätigkeit gehört die
Originally we layed out hotels, restaurants and offices. In 2000 we completed our main profile with producting unique furniture for dwelling houses and private flats.
Our company has its own joiner’s workshop where 10-15 well-trained cabinet-makers work.
The products which were made by our company can be found both in Hungary and in several countries of Western Europe

We plan your furniture and set it up in your home. Please, have a look at our references, we hope you'll like them.

We plan your furniture as you demand. After the surveying we make a suggestion for the correct measurement, the function and the exterior.

We create harmony between your demands and possibilities.

With the help of our partner companies we create the home of your dreams.

We wait for your call!